Knife block = man-thing?

Painted knife block

A few months ago, I saw a project on Pinterest and marked it for a rainy day.

Well today seemed like a great day to do a little painting. I gathered my old paint and informed C1 (that’s the hubby if you are new to my blog) that I was going to do a little painting.
A layer of dark paint followed by an hour or so and a layer of light paint. C2 had to help with the second layer and I had to wipe the whole block down with a paper towel to create the lines. As we are finishing up our project and feeling super proud of our work, C1 walks in and exclaims, “You painted the knife block! Why would you do that? It was perfect the way it was. Now you took a man-thing and made it a woman-thing. That means I don’t have to do anything else with those knives because now that’s your knife block.”
Wow! I never knew knife blocks were such a part of one’s manhood…it’s not like I put lace slipcovers on the couches in the man cave!

Anyway, here is another picture of the desecrated finished knife block.

Oven-Fried Fish

You know those times when  you are tired of the same old foods over and over again? I’m there. I’m tired of beef, chicken and pork every day. This week I got talapia, leg of lamb and salmon at Costco so I can have that in addition to my husband’s chicken, beef and pork.

First of the list was the talapia. I used a recipe from Norwitz Notions. Find it here. I had a piece tonight and it’s pretty good. I think I need to increase my spices a bit though.