Homemade Play Dough

This afternoon I decided to do something creative and make play dough. I “Binged” a recipe and the fun began!


First, we mixed and cooked the ingredients.


Playdough in a pot(I used whole wheat flour: that is why it is tan)


Next, I divided it and C2 added the colors.


Toddler adding food coloring to play dough

Then I kneaded the colors in.


Lime green, indigo and violet play dough


Judging from my hands, nitrile gloves were in order…oh well.


Hands stained green and purple.


Then it was time for play!


Child pressing right hand into violet play dough


We enjoyed molding our malleable concoction into green kitties and trees, blue snakes, purple cars and pancakes (of course!).


Green play dough kitty

If you follow in our footsteps, don’t overdo the coloring and…


Child frowning with play dough on his finger

Don’t eat it! It tastes yucky!


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