Alpine Groves Park

Today I took a trek down to Alpine Groves Park in Switzerland, Florida.  There happened to be a wedding there so I was limited in where I could respectfully take pictures.  Nonetheless, I had a good time enjoying the as-of-yet not-too-hot Spring weather and trying to get a little creative before breaking a sweat.

I couldn’t wait to see what came out of this trip so I downloaded my files as soon as I arrived home and took an hour to do a little editing when I should have been in bed:)  I have mixed feelings about the shots.  Sometimes what you see in your mind’s eye just isn’t capture in the lens no matter how hard you try.  And other times when you review your shots you discover something wonderful that you didn’t see before.  It’s like a surprise gift from the subject to you.

I hope you enjoy these few shots.

Please remember all images here are copyright protected.  If you like them, please contact Daryl Everett to arrange an order.  It is unlawful to copy/edit these images without that artist’s express consent.


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