The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

I know–I’m late posting this and I am not EVEN adding pictures yet. So let the flogging with fluff and prefolds begin.
I do have a pretty good reason for my tardiness: my son has been sick. At this very moment, he is spending some quality time with his daddio and Mimi and Papa so I have a few minutes to blog via the iPhone while my dinner is on the stove.
Saturday was the international day of diaper changing, so to speak. Cloth diapering Mums and Dads across the globe gathered in small (and not so small) groups to swap those wet nappies at 12:30 pm Eastern Time. Why you might ask? So we could share our love of fluffy bumcovers with the Guinness World Records audience.
The numbers are still be authenticated but rumor has it we set a new record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. (Don’t spill the beans about there being no current record to break, okay?) Locally we had just under 40 baby bottoms but I have heard in the CD-community (that’s cloth diaper not compact disc in case you were trying to figure out what music has to do with this post) that some location gathered 100 fluff-wearers.
Not only did we get to see loads of cute dipes, but local vendors came out to share their wares. We sang and signed with My Smart Hands, tumbled with My Gym, got ready to rock a soak with Rockin Green detergent and lots more. If you are interested in learning more about these companies subscribe to my feed because I will post links later in the week for everyone to see.
If pictures are what you want and you just can’t wait, head over to my Facebook page (DAMEphotography the Florida one, not CA) and check them out. If you attended the event and have your password, point your browser to great cloth diaper change Jax on shutterfly If you lost the blue slip with the password on it, no problem just request me to send I over once you follow the link.
As I said, I will add links and pictures to the blog when I have a bit longer to work on this so that I can boot up ye ole pc.
p.s. I added some new items to my etsy shop check them out at damephotography on etsy


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