Moments to treasure

Have you ever had one of those days?  I think my day qualifies.

1) My son fought his nap for 20 minutes while flailing around like a loon in my arms on the mattress to finally fall asleep while watching me edit photos.

2) He had diarrhea while doing nakey time…on the carpet.

3) Late for services so we missed church.

4) Couldn’t find the debit card so had to find the checkbook for groceries.

5) Took an hour and 2 trips to the rocker and 1 to the bedroom to get him down for the night because he was wiggly

Ordinarily a day like that would have my nerves fried.  Not today.  Sometime before nap time I saw the title of a blog post “There will never be another moment like this.” It stuck with me.  During the chaos of the nap, I massaged his little back, hands and legs while humming, singing and talking softly. I continued to remind myself that he was scared that he would be alone when he awoke since his normal routine has been changed the last two days.

Even the brown mess was no match for me today.  I just plopped him in the tub and on the potty and cleaned it all up. I told him that it was okay because he didn’t mean to go on the floor and his tummy was sick.  He did go in a diaper for the rest of the day though.

During the nighttime up-and-down and roll and smile and giving Mommie kisses, I kept thinking. “It’s okay.  He will sleep. One day he will burst through the front door at curfew and escape to his room without more than a ‘Hi, Mom.’ take these moments when he wants to stay awake and spent time with you and treasure them. Lock them away in your heart, Mommie.”

When I went out to get the mail, I smelled smoke and the sky looked drab.  As I left for church I noticed the sun was a bright pinky-orange circle and was casting a matching glow on the world.  What a wonderful change.  I thought it was due to the smoke in the air, but perhaps not.  After I arrived at church only to realize they were already in the main service, I elected to return home and photograph the glowing orb.

What a beautiful sight.  Maybe I should frame these for a long-term reminder of my day.

What helps you get through those days?

orange and red sunset silhouetting pine treesOrange Sunsetorange red sunset tree silhouette


2 thoughts on “Moments to treasure

  1. Now you made me cry! I’ve had those days, too. Thank God for the help of other mamas! Now, I’ll remember YOUR words when I have a tough day today. Thanks for linking to me!

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