Self-Portrait Challenge Part 2: Lighting

The challenge continues today!  For full information, to see other examples or to participate in the fun go to Digital Photography School.

I didn’t learn of the assignment for the day until after dark and I had a pretty nifty idea to use the street lamp to create my silhouette beneath a tree on the garage door. As I was changing to head out there I heard something peculiar and peeked out the window.  What did  I see? The mosquito control truck spraying out cul de sac.  SOOOO I was forced to move my project indoors.  While trying to decide what I could do, I noticed a cool shadow created on the wall by the vanity lights in my bathroom.  Quickly, I ripped the sheets from my bed and draped them over the closet and shower doors. Perfect! Well not quite, but good enough.

The first image is only edited in that I switched it to black and white and added a tiny bit of contrast.  The second exhibits further playful tweaking.

What neat things have you done with light?


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