Have you ever had a day when you just had to have a cookie? I normally am not a cookie fan, but this week they have been screaming my name. Daryl…Daryl….Daryl! Today it was too much.  I had to bake some. Even though I didn’t have any dairy-free butter substitute, I would find a way to enjoy a cookie.  Lo and behold: you can substitute oil for butter. So I used the recipe from and away I went.  I substituted 1/4 c. sunflower and 1/2 c. olive oil for 1 c. butter and 3 TBS ground flax seed mixed with 9 TBS hot water and left to congeal for a few minutes for the 3 eggs. I used Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips.(Sometimes the main page has a $1 off coupon!)

The results were very moist, but still delicious, so I added a bit of cracked wheat to the remaining dough.  Those are not as moist but you can certainly detect the wheat in them.  The first batch even passed the test of my husband, who thinks all things with egg- or dairy-substitutes are near blasphemy.  He declared “they were good babe.” That’s like getting an Oscar around here!

I just had to snap a few pictures to share with the three people who read my blog Hi Dad! the world .  I’ve become sort of obsessed with food photography lately, even if it is only my food.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed creating them and the cookies.

I’m not sure why they got dark when I saved them.  I’ll work on that tomorrow or so and repost them with corrected lighting.


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