Crimson moon

A bright red moon in a black sky“Chirp, chirp, chirp” the sound of a cricket emanated from my Samsung Evergreen. A text message. “Red! Blood red! Pretty-ness! Take a picture of the moon (Plz.)” My niece. Wondering what the big deal was, I ventured out. Scanning the sky for the moon, I was perplexed. It was no where to be seen. Wait! There! Maybe… Yes, that was it. Peeking in and out behind the clouds of smoke and ash and normal clouds was the crimson orb. Indeed it was blood red. Moons such as this are believed by some to be a prophetic sign or omen. The scientific explanation deals with the amount of atmospheric matter that is blocking out the other colors of light. It seems to me this one is of the few benefits we are reaping from the plethora of wildfires burning in our area. With the air quality “hazardous,” everyone has been nearly held hostage in their homes by these fires all week and in some cases even longer. Whatever the cause it made for some nice pictures in between the clouds.

(I know this one seems a bit hazy. I think it might be the save settings and will work on it later.)
**I just learned that there was a total lunar eclipse about twelve hours out from this shot. It wasnt visible from North America. Does anyone know of a connection with the red moon seen here?**