Goals for the week: 1. Pass out 12 busin

Goals for the week: 1. Pass out 12 business cards 2. Scout & find a location for a Christmas tree shoot and a pumpkin patch shoot. #goals


Hands {contest entry}

Toddler looks sad as she and siblings touch mother's pregnant belly.

I recently started following Iheartfaces and today they have a contest that’s right up my alley: hands!  I love hands. They tell such great stories.

This picture is from a maternity session about six weeks before the baby was due to arrive. It was impromptu and that was a good thing! Little did we know baby would arrive within two weeks!

The joy of the older two children is contrasted by the reflective look on the face of the toddler who seems to be mourning her impending lose of being the baby. Yet it’s mingled with a bit of love for this new baby in Mommy’s tummy.  So sweet.

If you’d like to enter the contest go over to iheartfaces.com, read the rules and enter!

Photography Challenges & Photography Tutorials
” Photo Challenges & Photography Tutorials

Prop searching!

I’ve been searching for some interesting props for my little kids.  I saw this nifty little car at the flea market and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect vintage iron car for my prop collection!

I’ve been searching online and visited some estate sales last weekend, but so far nothing has called my name.  Any ideas?  What sort of props do you use with toddlers and little kids?