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Calling all Valentines!

Did you get something special for Valentine’s Day?

Every year millions of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day with cards, letters, flowers, candy, and myriad more creative ideas.  This year, I told my husband that I didn’t want store-bought gifts for Valentine’s Day. I was hoping that he would think outside of the box and do something for me that was really personal to us.  That also meant I wasn’t going to buy him anything and would need to think outside of the box as well (he’s hard to buy for anyway because he normally just buys everything I would think to get him.)

What actually happened?

He bought be a card. I made him a card with finger paint and construction paper.


Not really. It actually was nice because he didn’t just grab some cheesy or sappy card that was totally generic. He found a sappy card that to an onlooker seems generic. It reads, “I can’t tell you exactly when I knew I loved you….I kind of always have.” It fits. You see when I asked him in the past how he knew he loved me and when he realized it, he told me he doesn’t know because he just always knew.

My card to him: a paper heart with a handwritten inscription: Be my Valentine? Yes  No   I love you…Simply.

No candles (the kiddo would blow them out anyway!), no romantic music, no movie or roses. Just simply “I love you.”

Alright, now you’ve read my sappy story. Let’s hear yours! What sweet Valentine’s story do you have in your heart? It doesn’t have to be from a sweetheart, maybe your child is your valentine, maybe it’s your best friend.

Share your story in the comments below, have your friends come over here and vote for you to win prizes! I will add stories nightly. If your friends want to vote before I add your story, they can REPLY to your comment  and include your name in the reply (replies to the main thread are hard to connect to a person and may not get counted properly).

Contest ends 2/21/2012 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

Person with the most replies supporting his/her story wins a session for two (or one) and $20 in print credit.

Second place wins a session for two (or one).

Third place wins $10 in print credit

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