Oven-Fried Fish

You know those times when  you are tired of the same old foods over and over again? I’m there. I’m tired of beef, chicken and pork every day. This week I got talapia, leg of lamb and salmon at Costco so I can have that in addition to my husband’s chicken, beef and pork.

First of the list was the talapia. I used a recipe from Norwitz Notions. Find it here. I had a piece tonight and it’s pretty good. I think I need to increase my spices a bit though.


Where’ve you been?

I know you are probably wondering where I’ve been of late.  So I’ll tell you!

I’ve been around doing lots of behind-the-scenes work and being Mommie to a wonderful (and often needy) little boy.

Some of the things I have been working on include Christmas cards, Fall sessions, a new website, a website skeleton and blog for a colleague, improving my ASL skills, scouring the web for educational tidbits, looking for locations for shoots and baby sign classes, creating an updated logo and formulating the 2012 pricing structure for my portrait business (I hope to make things better for both you the client and me).

I can’t promise how much I’ll be on in the next few weeks with the Holidays and my little man’s birthday, but I’ll try to get some good stuff up here in the next few days to make up for being absent lately.

In the meantime, check out my Facebook pages and follow me on there for quick and more frequent updates and tips.