What to wear

What should I wear?

What you should keep in mind is that your clothes should represent you without taking over the shot.  Layers are good for pictures.  For groups you want to coordinate; pull the color of mom’s shoes from the collar of Amy’s shirt and Dad’s Polo from the plaid on Danny’s pants (for example). Try to keep everyone in the same sort of style but comfortable, for example, either everyone should be casual or no one should, all shorts or no shorts, but don’t put black-loving Jo in a yellow dress shirt…it won’t work.

For inspiration click here http://pinterest.com/search/?q=wardrobe+photo

Here are some examples from a fellow photographer. 

When photographing babies (0-6 months) we may want to capture those cute tummies and rolls so be ready to go from clothes to diaper or less. If you are not comfortable with your little one showing off his bare skin, please let me know when we begin the shoot or before.

Kindly do not ask me to take revealing photos of you. I am willing to take baby-bump shots and breastfeeding shots, but boudoir is not my genre.


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